Technological solutions that enhance
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Facilitates the process in the preparation of
salary statements.

  • Preparation of salary liquidations, leaves, vacations, contracts and massive payment to banks.

  • Enter and file employment contracts, contract attachments, severance payments and any other documents.o.

  • Observes periods, details and total settlements generated, in addition to the contributions to be made by the employer.

  • Access to automatic updating of essential parameters such as UF or system CPI.

  • Generation of settlements with the different health and social security discounts, integrated with the SII and Previred.


Manages and controls the processes of
post-harvest and packaging.

  • Packing and post-harvest control. Manages from the reception to the dispatch of the products.

  • Generation of reception and weighing of products, for traceability and entry into processes.

  • Automated parameterization of operations through readers and QR codes.

  • Detailed costing of human resources and input products in each process

  • Dispatch of outgoing products and complete traceability of the operation. Just by scanning the trays


Field data collection through
customized forms

  • Automates field data collection through a cloud-based solution. Centralizing information between the field and the office..

  • Parameterize your own forms, to have the control of phenological stages, production estimation or, for example, calculation of a pest.

  • Generation of customized reports stored in the cloud, through integration with a BI tool.

  • Collection of information with location and real time in the forms.

  • It works without internet connection.


Groundwater monitoring

  • Know the level of the water well in real time.

  • Securely send all information to the cloud.

  • Generates all DGA reports automatically.

  • Your information will be stored in the cloud for you to access from any device.

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